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Mister V-- February 2016

Extracting Subtitles from mkv using ffmpeg

So I'm trying to extract the subtitles and their format (how they look) and also trying to implement them into another mkv of the same video. Long story short, I'm trying to get the nice looking subtitles that follow the colour of their background

enter image description here

and their lovely colours

enter image description here

So when I use FFmpeg to check the streams and how I would map them and whatot and then this shows up

enter image description here

There are up to 40 sum streams all to get the nice looking subtitles. So, how would I get all those out?


Mulvya February 2016

To extract all those fonts:

ffmpeg -dump_attachment:t "" -i input.mkv

(ffmpeg will spit out an error but the fonts will be extracted)

To copy subtitles and fonts to new MKV

ffmpeg -i new.mp4 -i old.mkv -c copy -map 0 -map 1:s -map 1:t new.mkv

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