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Steve February 2016

How to move a HTML list below a div

At this URL, I'd like to move the HTML list form below the image.

I have <div class="calculators" style="width: 50%; float: left;"> and a HTML form below this, but the form ends up on the right of the <div>.

How do I add it below the <div>?



Timble February 2016

Try adding a

<br class="cleanBreak">

at the end of your div. So that it's like this:

<div class="calculators" style="width: 50%; float: left;"><br class="cleanBreak">

and add this to your CSS:

.cleanBreak{ clear:both; }

Or if you want to do inline CSS like you did with your div, just do

<br style="clear:both;">

And that should fix it. If it doesn't I suggest showing some more code.

This is like pressing "enter" on your keyboard, it skips a line and is nice to use to make things less jumbled.

Rich February 2016

The calculators div seems to be float: right. float: left will fix that.

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