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John February 2016

Disable Torsocks DNS feature

How can I stop torsocks from making DNS queries?

Instead I want to make normal DNS queries. I know that will mean a DNS leak, but I need it.

Because for some reason when I do torsocks npm login it returns a socket hang up error, which I remember I fixed it, back in the day, by blocking those DNS queries.

Any ideas are welcome.

EDIT: Using this approach:

tordns_enable = false in the conf file

Returns me this, when running the command shown above:

ERROR: npm is setuid. torsocks will not work on a setuid executable.


drew010 February 2016

If you edit your torsocks.conf file and add a line:

tordns_enable = false

That should disable DNS resolution over Tor and instead use the computer's regular DNS resolvers.

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