remy boys February 2016

implement push notification in firebase with batch

I am trying to make firebase and batch work together so that I can fire push notification when something in firebase db got changed. I followed this tutorial and now i want to make them work automatically and for that i contacted with batch's and they replied me

write your own server-side code to 1. detect Firebase db changes 2. call the Batch API.

For "detect Firebase db changes" I have to create a server-side code which will track changes and call batch's api accordingly. Then follow this documentation for attaching the changed content and send it to appropriate user.

I don't know how to create the server side code. Anyone can give me a quick instructions on it or there's any tutorial related to this?


Anant February 2016

To write server-side Firebase code you can use the node.js SDK. See (search the page for node.js).

The API is exactly the same as the regular web API except that you'll be writing it as a node.js application that can be run on the server. You can then integrate this with Batch's API.

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