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Matthias R. Wiora February 2016

memsql aggregator doesn't start on CentOS 6.7

We're currently evaluating memsql and have two setups. One is running on CentOS 6.7 one on CentOS 7.1.

While on CentOS 7.1 after a system reboot the master is having all services started, the CentOS 6.7 variant does not and shows that the aggregator is offline. We had to run memsql-ops cluster-start found in MemSql leaf down on Single server Cluster. We're wondering if this is related to the init.d/systemctl diffs on the machines. Any reply appreciated!

Cheers, Āµatthias


Carl Sverre February 2016

currently Ops only sets up a Sys-V style init script in /etc/init.d when it is installed by root. However, once Ops starts up correctly it should immediately check whether or not MemSQL is running. If it is not running but it should be Ops will start the cluster automatically. Can you confirm that you didn't run memsql-ops cluster-stop before shutting down the cluster? If you do that, when Ops comes back up it will not start the MemSQL cluster.

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