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ahoora February 2016

Suitable hadoop framework for ubuntu

I want to start working with Hadoop and BigData. I need an easy graphical interface to start. I try Hue but I couldn't get it configured.

Please help me to choose my suitable Hadoop. I use Ubuntu 14.04.


Istvan February 2016

There are 3 major Hadoop distributions that you can start with.

  • Cloudera
  • Hortonworks
  • MapR

Each one of them has a UI installer and manager. I think the best for you would be though, to use the virtual environment that these vendors provide.

The Hortonworks Developer Sandbox is an image including Hue as UI to get started. However, the downloadable sandbox image is based on CentOS.

If you want to install a Hortonworks Distribution on Ubuntu, you need to run an Ambari installation (Downloads - Hortonworks Hadoop). Be aware that Hue is not included into the default Ambari installation, but Hue can be installed easily separately. To run properly, Hue on Hortonworks still needs Python 2.6.x.

Beyhan Gül February 2016

I think Cloudera,sandbox(by hortonworks) is a easy way.Hard way is installation to Ubuntu.Also i have ubuntu 14.04 and Hadoop(hive,pig),Apache spark exist and i dont need open virtual machine.

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