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Mario February 2016

Invalid location of tag (p)

I have this code:

<p class="pHelp"> xxxxx <a href="#components">Form components</a> yyyyy </p>

This line is inside html/body/a/a/a/a/a/a/a/a/p/#text (<- btw, what is the proper name for this "html's tag route/path"?)

Eclipse gives me an Other error on that line. How should I solve this?

It also complains about this sentence...

<a id="pd" /><h5>Provisional Data</h5>

...where it indicates 'No end tag (</a>).' Aren't self-closing tags allowed in HTML?



dacmo February 2016

An interactive anchor element must not appear as a descendant of an anchor element. Your code appears to have multiple levels of nesting of anchor elements.

An anchor element must have a start tag and an end tag.

See the W3C language reference for the anchor element.

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