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Asper Dào February 2016

Telegram sending message to all contacts

Using telegram to send message to all my contacts . Hey does anybody know if telegram app has an option to send message to all contacts ? There is no answer in the faq, and there is no such an option.


Bahram Boroumandan February 2016

In Telegram application No, there is no option to do this
But you can write an application for your self to do this
and use this function
messages.sendMessage#4cde0aab peer:InputPeer message:string random_id:long = messages.SentMessage;
to send a message to all members in your contact list
The only parameters changes in your loop are peer (user_id) and random_id
That's it

Good Luck !!!

Iman Daneshi February 2016

You can use telegram CLI

Have a look at all the CLI commands here: https://github.com/vysheng/tg/wiki/Telegram-CLI-Commands

to get the contact list, there is contact_list. By parsing the output, you can get the single contacts.

send msgs to all of them by any of the send_... command.

u can use both lua and python for that.

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