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R.zeiwald February 2016

How to encrypt a batch script?

i want to hide this simple bat code stored in a bat file,i don't know how to encrypt it.

TASKKILL /F /IM explorer.exe

Can any one knows how to encrypt bat code?i tried bat to exe converter but when i run that exe it won't kill explorer.exe process


CoveGeek February 2016

Batch files can only be written in ANSI text. The only way to hide any of it is to deny read access to the file itself.

Even if you were able to scramble the commands, at run-time it will unscramble and send the commands in plain text to the command interpreter.


You could write a VBS file that encodes the path to the batch file and then execute it from a hidden command window from a path that only allows permission to the folder containing the file. You might also want to write your VBS file so that it will not be allowed to execute outside of it's specified folder to keep a smart person from copying the VBS and reverse engineering it.

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