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Josip Ivic February 2016

Wordpress as an endpoint

So, I'm building something and need to use wordpress as an endpoint.

I’ve a post url like http://example.com/sample-post. Now I’ve added a rewrite endpoint “edit”. So the url becomes http://example.com/sample-post/edit. Now whats the right way to print the url? Should it be like:

<?php echo get_permalink() . '/edit'; ?>

or is there any prefered way?


rnevius February 2016

Yes, that would be the preferred way. However, I recommend writing a function in functions.php to do some additional checks before printing the link:

function get_custom_edit_link() {
    // Check if we're on a Post page
    return is_single() ? get_permalink() . '/edit' : '';

And then in your template, call it with:

echo get_custom_edit_link();

However, if you're using this link to head to edit.php, you may want to consider using the get_edit_link() method of the WP_Posts_List_Table class.

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