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VISWESWARAN1998 February 2016

My buttons,progress bar etc., are looking very old

Sir, I have created a Win32 API program using visual studio 2015. My program contains several push buttons, check boxes , a menu , progress bar and etc., I am using Windows 10 and using Visual studio 2015 with all latest updates installed. My problem is push buttons , check boxes, etc., looks very old like Windows 98.

It looks like this push buttons:

In my latest compiler what should I do in order to make this look like windows 10 one. Thank you


Elemental February 2016

The appearance of a 32-bit winAPI application is very dependent which version of the common controls library it binds with. This is quite a difficult thing to understand and interacts with backward compatibility for very old versions of windows.

Basically there are ways to specify in the (newish) manifest files associated with windows which 'version' of these controls it should use.

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