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Desmond Hume February 2016

Where do I enter the publisher name in iTunes Connect for my app?

I'm preparing my app for App Store review and would like to use a custom name for displayed author name on the App Store. Where do I specify it?


Linus G. February 2016

The developer's name is the name you used setting up your iTunes Connect account. In iTunes Connect, in the upper right corner you can see your name and below the developer's name. That is how it will appear on the App Store.

  • If you created an individual's developer account then it will display the name you used. You will not be able to change that name. If you want an other name to appear than your's, you have to transfer the app to a new developer account.
  • If you created a developer account as company, it will show the name of your company you used to create the account.

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