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TheZevra February 2016

BATCH - Steam Window

So I've been working on my personal Steam account swapper with pre-game choice options but, I've been running into a few problems. The program works fine but I'm getting this problem where when I chose which profile I want logon to (for smurfing purposes) the Steam window pops up in my face and it prevents me from being able to choose which game I want to play. So I was wondering if there's a way to close the Steam window (and only the window) as soon as it pops up. taskkilling it won't work because if you taskkill it right away it will close the login (login starts when I choose which account I want to play on)

TL;DR I want to close steam window as soon as it pops up

NOTE: When logging in, task manager reads the steam logon window as SteamLogin and not Steam Not sure if this would make the lightbulb go off.


Melis February 2016

In steam there is an option to suppress the login prompt on system boot, I am not 100% if this will work with your loginswitcher, but is worth a try.

Go to "start menu", "run", type "regedit". In the registry editor, expand the tree until you find this HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run In "Run", you will find all applications that are starting with Windows. Edit the value for "Steam" and add the silent option (-silent). Reboot and try your login switcher.

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