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Priya February 2016

Change the Part selection in RCP Application when Button click in different Part

In Eclipse RCP Application UI design of my project will be as below:

PartSashContainer->PartStack->Part1, Part2,Part3.,Part4,Part5

Part6 contains the button. If button click in Part6 should set the selection to Part1.

Can you please provide how to achieve the Part selection from different Part.

UI Reference


GGrec February 2016

Use an injected EPartService where your button is, then pass the Part1's ID to the service to find the part:

final MPart part1 = partService.findPart("part1.id");

This snippet creates it if it wasn't there. TBH I don't really know if this grants focus or not.

greg-449 February 2016

Use the EPartService showPart method:

EPartService partService;


partService.showPart("part id", PartState.ACTIVATE);

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