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rhmac25 February 2016

Query another app from cloud code

I have multiple apps hosted on parse.com, each with their own cloudcode. Since the cloudcode is deployed using the Parse command line tool, I don't need to set up the requests with any App keys. Is it possible to query, post, or otherwise from one app's cloudcode to the other app's database?

As an example, let's say that whenever an object is created in one app, I would like it to also be created in the other. Or maybe I would like to check the other app's _User class for a matching username and other identifying info and perform some logic.


danh February 2016

When you create a cloud function, you can invoke it with an http post. Use Cloud.httpRequest to do that from any app to any other app. The app identity is established with the X-Parse-Application-Id header.

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