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Kirmani88 February 2016

Whats is the difference between -> and [''] in php

I have been following 2 ways to get data from an array..sometimes i use

$username=      $data['username'];
$first_name=    $data['first_name'];

and sometimes,

$username=      $data->username;
$first_name=    $data->first_name;

Anytime i have an array, i know 1 of them will work, and it works..

but i am unable to understand what is the difference between them, I am never sure which one to use.

I google it a lot but unable to find any explanation.

Kindly guide me



Gordon February 2016

That's a misconception.

The upper syntax with square brackets will only work for arrays (or objects implementing ArrayAccess).

The lower syntax using the T_OBJECT_OPERATOR will only work on objects. You cannot access arrays like that.

Compare the following links in the PHP manual:

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