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Zeeshan February 2016

Can i get all task by inputting asana search url?

If we search on asana UI we get a unique url to every search. Using that url as input, through asana api can i get all tasks which were found in that url.

for eg. Search URL : https://app.asana.com/0/search/12345678/90123456 has got 50 tasks, so through api (using some kind of input as url) can i get those 50 tasks alone?

NOTE: The search url is nothing but combinations of tags and some filters. I can do search by api searching directly through tags, but this seams little bit easy to get my searched tasks.

Please suggest if any solution.


agnoster February 2016

We don't currently support sorting via the API. The URL contains an ID for the search and an ID for the task currently selected of the form "/0/search/[search id]/[task id]", so you can get the specific task easily with the API.

However, getting the results for the search via the API is not supported.

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