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Ross February 2016

YEOMAN run multiple sub generators in one function

I have an angular based generator with three sub generators for controller directive and service. I want to run one function that takes the NAME variable/input and runs all three of these at the same time instead of having to run each one separately.


sthzg February 2016

Yeoman offers composeWith() (docs) which you can use to invoke other (sub)generators.

'use strict';

var generators = require('yeoman-generator');

module.exports = generators.Base.extend({
  constructor: function () {
    generators.Base.apply(this, arguments);
    this.argument('theName', {
      type: String,
      required: true

  initializing: function() {
    this.composeWith('my-generator:mysubgen1', { args: [this.theName] });
    this.composeWith('my-generator:mysubgen2', { args: [this.theName] });

In the example above I assume your generator is named my-generator and has two subgenerators (mysubgen1 and mysubgen2).

The code above would go into a third subgenerator, e.g. doall. If you call $ yo my-generator:doall foobar it would now run both of the composed sub-generators, passing foobar as first argument.

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