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GnomeDePlume February 2016

Fix a badly sized Xorg cursor that is clipped / truncated


My cursor looks funny in Pycharm: it's too big; the bottom and right sides have been clipped off: Screenshot of cursor problem.


My desktop resolution and orientation appears to be confusing the automatic Xorg cursor size.

System Information:

  • Windows 7 PC
  • 3x 2560x1400 monitors (one in portrait orientation)
  • terminal access to a OpenSUSE virtual machine using mobaxterm
  • running bash
  • Running Pycharm with X11 window forwarding


GnomeDePlume February 2016


Set the cursor size explicitly using an environment variable:

export XCURSOR_SIZE=16

Cursor now looks normal:

Normal cursor with XCURSOR_SIZE=16

Note that the environment variable can be set in the ~/.bashrc file, so that it is always set on start-up.

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