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Abdalrahman Shatou February 2016

Android Studio 1.5 | Creating Local Git

I have searched a lot and viewed a lot of answers with no luck. I am using Android Studio 1.5.

Here is what I have done:

  1. VCS > Import into Version Control > Create Git Repository... enter image description here
  2. I created a directory "Git Repo".
  3. I selected the root "app" directory.
  4. VCS > Git > Checkin Directory... enter image description here
  5. I receive Nothing to Commit (No changes detected). enter image description here
  6. I modified one file. I still receive Nothing to Commit.

This is one of the times where 3 hours are wasted by an IDE.


Abdalrahman Shatou February 2016

Sometimes, writing the question down reveals the answer :) I removed the repo directory I created and started all over. This time I selected VCS > Enable Version Control Integration. The repo folder MUST be created within the project folder not any external folder. Now everything is fine.

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