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user3617723 February 2016

Xamarin: PDB Files on OS X

I'm currently doing Xamarin development on an OS X machine and looking into code coverage tools.

I've had some success with tools like OpenCover but they rely on PDB files being generated for the code being tested.

It seems that Xamarin Studio on Windows produces PDB files but on OS X it produces MDB files.

So my questions would be:

  • Can tools like OpenCover be made to work with MDB files?
  • Can Xamarin Studio or xbuild be made to produce PDB files on OS X?
  • Are there any tools to convert MDB files to PDB files?


Just to explain a bit more about our set-up, OpenCover only runs on Windows so we run that part of out CI pipeline on a Windows slave, but we would like to feed it the output of builds built on the OS X master rather than having to build on the slave as well, this is where the problem with MDB rather than PDB from OS X builds becomes a problem.


user3617723 February 2016

I can confirm that the latest version of OpenCover (4.6) supports MDB files, you just need to run the tests on a Windows machine.

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