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Pithikos February 2016

Get parent directory in Ansible?

Is there a way to evaluate a relative path in Ansible?

  - name: Run docker containers
    include: tasks/dockerup.yml src_code='..'

Essentially I am interested in passing the source code path to my task. It happens that the source code is the parent path of {{ansible_inventory}} but there doesn't seem to be anything to accomplish that out of the box.

---- further info ----

Project structure:


So I am trying to access app from deploy.yml.


udondan February 2016

I just had a look at the source and found a filter I wasn't aware of. Forget previous string operations, it's this simple:

{{ inventory_dir | dirname }}

Other Useful Filters

Previous answer:

This should do it:

{{ inventory_dir.split("/")[0:-1]|join("/") }}

Previous answer:

Does {{ inventory_dir }} do what you want?

Also available, inventory_dir is the pathname of the directory holding Ansible’s inventory host file

Or if you mean by "parent directory" the path of the role your task is in, {{ role_path }} might do the trick.

And finally, role_path will return the current role’s pathname (since 1.8). This will only work inside a role.

From http://docs.ansible.com/ansible/playbooks_variables.html#magic-variables-and-how-to-access-information-about-other-hosts

Pithikos February 2016

OK, a workaround is to use a separate task just for this:

  - name: Get source code absolute path
    shell: dirname '{{inventory_dir}}'
    register: dirname
  - name: Run docker containers
    include: tasks/dockerup.yml src_code={{dirname.stdout}}

Thanks to udondan for hinting me on inventory_dir.

el_wichtel February 2016

You can use {{playbook_dir}} for the absolute path to your current playbook run. For me thats the best way, because you normally know where your playbook is located.

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