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user2318170 February 2016

How to crate WCF object of 2 WCF service dynamically based on endpoint name?

I am consuming 2 WCF service in 1 WCF service.

using WcfService.Server1;
using WcfService.Server2;

I am calling a function that is returning endpoint name of suitable WCF service based on some logic. How to create object of WCF service based on endpoint name dynamically?

In below code I created WCF object of "Server1" WCF service but suppose method returns endpoint name "Server2Endpoint" then it would be a problem because I am referring WcfService.Server1

WcfService.Server1.MatrixCalculationClient Proxy1 = new WcfService.Server1.MatrixCalculationClient("Server1Endpoint");


Igor Labutin February 2016

I assume that both WCF services implements same interface, e.g. IWCFService.

Then I believe you will have to use either your own proxy class (which implements IWCFService independently of Server1 or Server2) or construct channel manually using ChannelFactory<IWCFService>.

In both cases you can pass name of the endpoint to the proper constructors and then everything will work if app.config file contains correct definition of these endpoints (same contract).

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