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TimO February 2016

python find exception message (with ast?)

I want to compile a list of all messages my program could present to a user, specifically all errors (to be able to quality-check the wording). Let's assume I have my own exception class

class MyException( Exception ):

And I would want to find programmatically all instances where I

raise MyException( "This is a baadly worded message with typo." )

Is there an elegant python way to retrieve:

  • the message
  • the line number
  • the (member) function name that raises the exception?

Ideally, it would even work with cases like

msg = "My really long error message\n"
msg += "Where I explain too much to fit it directly into the raise call"
raise MyException( msg )


sorin February 2016

So you want to localize your Python application.

In this case have a loot at gettext as is a very powerful localization framework, one that is used by most open-source projects, not only Python ones.

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