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javed71 February 2016

Installed Laravel But Phpmyadmin has conflict with Laravel Routes

I Have installed Laravel on my Windows. So While accessing http://localhost:8000/phpmyadmin it doesn't seem to be working since it has some kind of conflict with laravel routes.

Sorry, the page you are looking for could not be found.

1/1NotFoundHttpException in RouteCollection.php line 161:

How can I fix this?


bretterer February 2016


It would appear that your issue is this. When you run your server for you laravel installation, your system is looking at the /path/to/code/public folder. This folder in the Laravel installation does have an .htaccess file that does some 'magic' for laravel translating the url you visit into the correct route.

Thus, the configuration inside of the phpmyadmin setup is not getting hit when you visit /phpmyadmin from the browser at the root of your laravel project.

A couple suggestions here for this.

1: Change Laravel to not use port 8000 if you can typically run phpmyadmin from that domain. If you started laravel server by running the artisan command, the port can be changed by running php artisan serve --port 8888 where 8888 is any other open port.

2: In the PHP My Admin configuration, change the port number it listens on to something else.


jefcabatingan February 2016


Not sure what you are trying to accomplish but PHPMyadmin is supposed to be installed together with your Apache, PhP and MySQL if you're using XAMPP or WAMP. Visting http://localhost/phpmyadmin and resulting to 404 or PageNotFound error means that there is no running instance of Apache on your machine. However, laravel has a command for running its own service via php artisan serve.

If you are trying to just visit PhPMyAdmin, make sure you've installed XAMPP, WAMP or any stacked servers. Hope these help.

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