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Alexandre Thebaldi February 2016

How check if custom event was prevented

In my code i need to interact with custom event after dispatched

// ...
let customEvent = new CustomEvent('myevent', {
  bubbles: true,
  cancelable: true

button.addEventListener('click', function (e) {
  otherElement.dispatchEvent( customEvent );
  // at this point i neeed some help
  // if ( customEvent was canceled or prevented ) { do something }

How can check if it has been prevented/canceled or another solution to get some "feedback" from event?


epascarello February 2016

You can check for the Boolean defaultPrevented in the event Object

Bergi February 2016

You can check for the defaultPrevented property. Also the dispatchEvent method returns whether the default action is still to take place or not.

Taran J February 2016

lots of ways to do this. one way:

var isCanceled = !otherElement.dispatchEvent(event);

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