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Ray February 2016

How to authorize using windows authentication in ASP.net 5

I am creating an application which is going to use windows authentication to allow access to page based on user and its roles. I have gone ahead and configured IIS to use windows authentication and disabled anonymous access. I am able to browse the application without any issue and I have successfully enabled windows authentication for the application.

Now I am trying to set access to controller level by using Authorize, but I am unable to figure it out how it works with ASP.net 5. I am completely new to ASP / C# programming platform but I did search online resources and I came across this and I used below example to give it a try but I get red squiggly line under users and I think ASP.NET 5 is unable to find users. I also made sure that I have added all the references at the top.

[Authorize(Users = @"CONTOSO\Rick, CONTOSO\Keith, CONTOSO\Mike")]


using Microsoft.AspNet.Mvc;
using RMDAAutomation.Models.Repository;
using RMDAAutomation.Models.Entity;
using Microsoft.AspNet.Authorization;

Any suggestions is highly appreciated. :)



using Microsoft.AspNet.Mvc;
using Microsoft.AspNet.Authorization;

namespace RMDAAutomation.Controllers.Web
    public class TutorialsController : Controller
        [Authorize(Roles = @"DOMAIN\GROUP")]
        public IActionResult Index()
            return View();

Tutorial Index View:

<div class="container">


Visual studio project settings: enter image description here


maltmann February 2016

using System.Web.Mvc;

This using solves the issue in my project

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