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tgelser February 2016

Export database table from SQL Server 2014 to SQL Server 2008 R2

We have upgraded our company database from SQL Server 2008 R2 to SQL Server 2014. Since that we are not able anymore to export data (3 tables) into our webshop, which uses SQL Server 2008 R2.

We receive the following error message :

0xc002f210, SQL-Task Preperation, 'CREATE TABLE [dbo].[XXXXX] ([XXXXX_ID] int NOT...': 'Line 29: Length or precision specification 0 is invalid.....)

Is there a way to still use the export feature in SQL Server 2014 or do we have to upgrade our webshop database to SQL Server 2014 as well? Any other way to get our tables exported?

EDIT: I am using the import data function from SQL Server 2014 to try to Import 3 tables from SQL Server 2014 to 2008 R2.
I don't write any SQL statement myself.
Connecting to the same database on the old SQL Server in the Company and running the Import from there works fine.
SQL Server 2008 R2 doesn't like the 2014 tables to be imported .... Full error message:

Fehler 0xc002f210: 1-SQL-Task 'Vorbereitung': Fehler beim Ausführen der Abfrage 'CREATE TABLE [dbo].[ARKALK] ( [ARKALK_ID] int NOT...': 'Line 29: Length or precision specification 0 is invalid.'. Mögliche Ursachen sind folgende: Probleme bei der Abfrage, nicht richtig festgelegte ResultSet-Eigenschaft, nicht richtig festgelegte Parameter oder nicht richtig hergestellte Verbindung."

Editor note: since more people read English then German - here is the result of a google translate of the full error:

Error 0xc002f210: 1 SQL Task 'preparation': Failed to execute the query 'CREATE TABLE [dbo] [ARKALK] ([ARKALK_ID] int NOT ....': 'Line 29: Length or precision specification 0 is invalid. . 'Possible causes are: problems with the query, not properly fixed ResultSet property, not properly determined parameters or not properly established connection ".


Zohar Peled February 2016

You can set the compatibility level for your database like this:

ALTER DATABASE database_name 
SET COMPATIBILITY_LEVEL = 100 -- 2008 / 2008 r2

For more information about compatibility levels, read the relevant MSDN page.

tgelser February 2016

We finaly had to move the database to a SQL Server 2014 at our hosting provider. After that everything was working like normal. (Same import routine through "SQL Server managment Studio" that failed with SQL Server 2008 R2)

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