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Aleksandra Kochubey February 2016

POST through SoapUI is unsuccesful, but the same request through DHC is completed succesfully

I tested REST services with DHC application for Chrome, and POST requests were successful with these parameters: DHC_successful_POST

But when I try to create the same request in SoapUI, I always get 500 error. Probably, there should be some other parameters or settings in SoapUI, but I cannot see it. What is wrong? Here is my request: SoapUI_POST_500_fault Thank you for the help!

P.S. In DHC there is such code for my request:

curl -i -X POST \ -H "Content-Type:multipart/form-data" \ -F "file=" \ -F "fileName=rich-text.zip" \

So, I just need to find settings for these parameters in SoapUI (free version). Are there any suggestions?


user1207289 February 2016

As per this (see attachments section)you've to append file: to your parameter value to be able to send the content of file as multipart/form-data

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