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Cristian Arboleda February 2016

Query Tuning Bigquery

I have a query with a strange behavior because in certain occasions it takes 120 seconds and another 250 seconds. I have to minimize execution time but can not find a guide to help me to improve the runtime of my queries.

The table containing the information has the following characteristics:

  1. All fields are repeat
  2. It has 800 million records
  3. Process 14.2 GB

The query is this:

 todayInfo.client AS Client,
  todayInfo.todayInfo AS Today,
  todayInfo.dayAgoInfo AS DayAgo,
  todayInfo.threeDaysAgo AS ThreeDaysAgo,
  todayInfo.weekAgo AS weekAgo,
    SUM(IF( bp_Time BETWEEN TIMESTAMP('2016/01/01')
    AND TIMESTAMP('2016/01/31'),1,0)) AS todayInfo,
    SUM(IF( bp_Time BETWEEN DATE_ADD(TIMESTAMP('2016/01/01'), - 1,"DAY")
    AND DATE_ADD(TIMESTAMP('2016/01/31'), - 1,"DAY"),1,0)) AS dayAgoInfo,
    SUM(IF( bp_Time BETWEEN DATE_ADD(TIMESTAMP('2016/01/01'), - 3,"DAY")
    AND DATE_ADD(TIMESTAMP('2016/01/31'), - 3,"DAY"),1,0)) AS threeDaysAgo,
    SUM(IF( bp_Time BETWEEN DATE_ADD(TIMESTAMP('2016/01/01'), - 8,"DAY")
    AND DATE_ADD(TIMESTAMP('2016/01/31'), - 8,"DAY"),1,0)) AS weekAgo
  ) AS todayInfo

    Today DESC

There is a guide or tips that can help me optimize runtimes not only this query but also future queries?


mimming February 2016

Because of the way BigQuery works, it isn't as tunable as relational databases. It does not use indexes, and every query is a full scan.

That being said, you need to learn more about why your queries are slow. This depends a lot on the specifics of your data. You can use the query plan explanation to get a good idea of where BigQuery is spending its time.

But, as @Pentium10 mentioned in the comment, your probably going to have to partition your data by day to reduce the size of scans. It's explained in more detail in this answer.

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