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algorhythm February 2016

Deleting a file that is older than x number of days using a batch file in Windows

I have been trying to write a batch file that removes files that are older than x number of days. I have a backup directory E:\Backup2 that contains a number of sub-folders Alresco, Postgres and Sybase.

These sub-folders contain different internal structuring of files but I don't think this should affect the script as I only need it to look through every file in the Backup2 directory, and if it is older than x days then delete that file.

So far I have the following but I cannot get it to work:

FORFILES /P "E:\Backup2" /S /D -2 /C "CMD DEL /F /Q @PATH"

where 2 defines how old a file must be in days before it can be deleted.

When I execute the command in CMD all of the files remain without any error being reported.

What is interesting however is that when I output to a log file, it reports the directory where the first file is located..

When I first ran the command the log file reported E:\Backup2\Alfresco\25072015 however when I moved a log file to the root directory and re-ran the comman the log file reported E:\Backup2 which suggests the command is finding the first log file it needs to delete and then breaks.


Melis February 2016

From the documentation found here they have these examples:


Delete the testfile if it is is 5 days old or older:
C:\> forfiles /m testfile.txt /c "cmd /c Del testfile.txt " /d -5

Find .xls file that were last modified 30 days ago or older 
C:\> FORFILES /M *.xls /C "cmd /c echo @path was changed 30 days ago" /D -30

List the size of all .doc files:
C:\> FORFILES /S /M *.doc /C "cmd /c echo @fsize"

Compared to your code you seem to miss /c when calling cmd del, so your code should be:

FORFILES /P "E:\Backup2" /S /D -2 /C "CMD /c DEL /F /Q @PATH"

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