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Rakesh February 2016

How to implement call back function using editable plugin in Jquery

I am using this editable plugin to edit of rows and update data into database.After updating data into database , I have to get success message using call back function. Please suggest prefect solution to call other function using this plugin.

$(function () {
        var url = $BaseUrl + "/abc/abc/ItemsList";
        $('.txt-editable').editable(url,CallBackFunction, {
            onblur: function (value) {
                return (value);

            width: 90,
            id: 'element_id',
            value: 'value'

function CallBackFunction(){

  alert("Success Message");


Ashish Parmar February 2016

        url: 'test/edit/1',
        source: source,
        success:function(response, newValue)
	var data = JSON.parse(response);
	send: 'always',
	validate: function(value) 

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