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Michael February 2016

Image upload manager

I am trying to build an image manager for my CMS based on the Wordpress media manager.The CMS is being developed in Yii2.

Right now I am able to upload and view all the uploaded images. What I wanted next was to be able to add custom buttons (Upload logo, upload header, etc) wich would allow the user to call the image manager in a modal. Then either upload or pick an image from the gallery and add the images ID to the hiddeninput field(Logo, header, etc). But I am having trouble in accomplishing this.

This is what I have so far:

I have two inputfields in one form, one for the logo and the other for a favicon

Logo hiddeninput: ID -> site-logo_media_id

img preview: class -> preview_site-logo_media_id

Button: ID -> logo-button, custom attribute input_id -> site-logo_media_id, class-> showModalButton

        <?= $form->field($model, 'logo_media_id')->hiddenInput(['maxlength' => true]) ?>
        <img class="preview_site-logo_media_id" src="" alt="">
        <?= Html::button('logo', ['title' => 'Upload Logo', 'id' => 'logo-button', 'input_id' => 'site-logo_media_id', 'class' => 'showModalButton btn btn-success']); ?>

favicon hiddeninput: ID -> site-favicon_media-id

img preview: class -> preview_site-favicon_media_id

Button: ID -> favicon-button, custom attribute input_id -> site-favicon_media_id, class-> showModalButton

        <?= $form->field($model, 'favicon_media_id')->hiddenInput(['maxlength' => true]) ?>
        <img class="preview_site-favicon_media_id" src="" alt="">
        <?= Html::button('favicon', ['title' => 'Upload Favicon', 'id' => 'favicon-button', 'input_id' => 'site-favicon_media_id', 'class' => 'showModalButton btn btn-success']); ?>

When on


Aleksi February 2016

The first problem is caused by select_gallery_item function. Every time you click the modal button an another click event gets binded to .gallery-item elements and also for #add-to-input element.

I guess you are trying to pass parameters to the click events?

If so check out this question Passing parameters to click() & bind() event in jquery?

I would guess the second problem is caused by the same reason. First you click to select image for logo and it gets binded for #add-to-input and when you change the favicon the first binded click event changes src and id for logo as well.

So try to separate nested click bindings.

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