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Luis Rosales February 2016

RDLC grouping rows

I'm trying to do a rdlc table/matrix gruoping by Id. I have a DataSet which is returning:

Id | name | price | quantity | subtotal | comment

The comment column is optional,also it can have multiple comments per Id so it could return duplicate rows but with different comment column.

Then I want to display in a Table or matrix the data like this

Id | name | quantity | price | subtotal


enter image description here

I mean adding additional rows per comment. Is it possible to display rows in that format? If so, What is the best way to achieve it?


Oceans February 2016

This can easily be achieved by using RowGroups. For your example you'd want a stepped report.

Here is an excellent tutorial from MSDN that should be of use to you: Create a Stepped Report (Report Builder and SSRS)

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