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bob February 2016

how do i get data from azure queue message (service bus)

I need to get data from service bus from my console application, instead of my data I've got System.UnauthorizedAccessException error 401 I've got 2 static readonly string that I don't know how to use You may require one or both of the services below depending on the level of detail that you need-

    //sample usage string briefingDetailsByIdURI = string.Format(Constants.BRIEFING_DETAILS_ID_URI, brfId);

    public static readonly string ID_URI = "https://trtrtrtr.servicebus.windows.net/trtrtr/trttrttr/{0}";

    //sample usage - string URI = string.Format(Constants.sdgsdgg, sgsgsg, sgsgsg);

    public static readonly string DETAIL_ID_URI = "https://trtrtrtr.servicebus.windows.net/trtrtr/trrtrttr/{0}/{1}";

I just went in app.config and put this with the right namespace and password

<!-- Service Bus specific app setings for messaging connections -->
<add key="Microsoft.ServiceBus.ConnectionString"        value="Endpoint=sb://<namespace>.servicebus.windows.net/;
 SharedAccessKeyName=Root      stManageSharedAccessKey;SharedAccessKey=<paasword> />

after that I went in my console program.cs

Console.Title = "Receiver2";

        // Creating the topic if it does not exist already using the service bus connection string stored in the app.config file
        string connectionString =
        //appSettings dans appsettings getSettings()

        //connection au service bus
        var namespaceManager =
        //verification  si queue existe

        if (!namespaceManager.QueueExists("CommentaireQueue"))

        QueueClient client = QueueClient.Create("CommentaireQueue");


Jeffrey Rosselle February 2016

This is what I use to connect to the queue

QueueClient _client;
        var connectionString = CloudConfigurationManager.GetSetting("Microsoft.ServiceBus.ConnectionString");
        var namespaceManager = NamespaceManager.CreateFromConnectionString(connectionString);
        if (!namespaceManager.QueueExists(QueueName))

        _client = QueueClient.CreateFromConnectionString(connectionString, QueueName);

Instead of running a while loop. You could be using OnMessage() like this:

_client.OnMessage(message =>
                        //do logic
                    catch (Exception e)
                        throw new Exception(e.Message);

Make sure the connections string is set correct in your Azure ServiceConfiguration:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<ServiceConfiguration serviceName="App" xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/ServiceHosting/2008/10/ServiceConfiguration" osFamily="4" osVersion="*" schemaVersion="2015-04.2.6">
  <Role name="App">
    <Instances count="1" />
      <Setting name="Microsoft.ServiceBus.ConnectionString" value="THE CONNECTION STRING" />

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