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MaxAx February 2016

jqGrid Trying to apply filter(s) on Grid creation

I have an object that contains the following filter string:


Here is my grid create, where I am trying to apply the filters in the postData setting:

        // Set up the jquery grid
                // Ajax related configurations
                url: jqDataUrl,
                datatype: "json",
                mtype: "GET",
                autowidth: true,

                // Configure the columns
                colModel: columnModels,

                // Grid total width and height
                height: "100%",

                // customize jqgrid post init
                gridComplete: function()

                // Paging
                toppager: true,
                rowNum: 20,
                rowList: [5, 10, 20, 50, 100],
                viewrecords: true, // Specify if "total number of records" is displayed

                // Default sorting
                sortname: typeof prefs.sortCol !== "undefined" ? prefs.sortCol : "LastName",
                sortorder: typeof prefs.sortCol !== "undefined" ? prefs.sortOrd :  "asc",
                sorttype: "text",
                sortable: true,

                postData: typeof prefs.filters !== "undefined" ? { filters: prefs.filters } : {},
                //also tried this...
                //postData: typeof prefs.filters !== "undefined" ? { JSON.stringify(filters: prefs.filters) } : {},

 //remaining property settings excluded from post to keep short.

Update: Using .navGrid on grid as follows:

                { refresh: true, add: false, edit: false, del: false, refreshtitle: getRefreshText('@Model.Instruction'), searchtitle: searchText },
                {}, // sett        


Oleg February 2016

You have to set search: true option of jqGrid if you want that filters will be applied. Moreover you use datatype: "json". It means that the filters will be just send to the server and your server code have to decode the filters and to use there. One more remark. The correct value for postData would be { filters: JSON.stringify(prefs.filters) }.

UPDATED: I recommend you upgrade to the latest version (4.12.1) or free jqGrid. It's the fork of jGrid which I develop since the end of 2014. To use free jqGrid you can just change the URLs to jqGrid files to URLs described in the wiki article. After that you can use the following options:

loadonce: true,
forceClientSorting: true,
search: true,
postData: { filters: prefs.filters },
sortname: prefs.sortCol,
sortorder: prefs.sortOrd

and remove the loadComplete code which you posted in "Update after comments" part of your question. Free jqGrid will load all data returned from the server, apply the filter prefs.filters locally, sort the results locally and display the first page of the results (based on the page size rowNum: 20).

The old demo loads the JSON data from the server, sort the data locally and filter by isFinal === 1 and finally display the first page of results. The demo uses additionally custom sorting using sortfunc, additionalProperties

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