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Marius Schär February 2016

Unexpected behaviour in PHP Altorouter when passing parameters


I'm accessing this url: <host>/render/z63034/RBLR/GLZB.

My url pattern is as such: /render/[a:title]/[a:bpFrom]/[a:bpTo].

My route gets added like so:

$router->map("GET", "/render/[a:title]/[a:bpFrom]/[a:bpTo]", function ($params) { include __DIR__ . "/views/render.php"; }, "render");

The call then looks like this:

call_user_func_array($match['target'], $match['params']);

In my index.php(where all requests are routed to) a var_dump() of $match['params'] yields the expected:

array(3) {
  string(6) "z63034"
  string(4) "RBLR"
  string(4) "GLZB"

In my render.php (which is included) a var_dump() of $params yields the unexpected

string(6) "z63034"


Why is only the first element in the array I'm passing to call_user_func_array actually passed (not as an array, but just as the value itself)?


David Bm February 2016

Notice that call_user_func_arraypasses the $params as single parameters, with this I mean, that in your function definition, you have to declare as much parameters as your $params array has.

For example if you call this:

$params = array('Hello', 'World');
call_user_func_array(array($this,'test'), $params);

And your function definition looks like that

 function test($a){
        echo $a; 
        echo $b; 
        echo '<br>';

you will only print 'Hello', so you have to declare your function like this

function test($a, $b){
        echo $a; 
        echo $b; 
        echo '<br>';

Hope that helps

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