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Farhad Alizadeh Noori February 2016

Programmatically compiling source code using Roslyn

So I've been trying to compile a piece of code programmatically with Roslyn. For some reasons the references that I add just don't end up in the Compilation class. So when I look at the referenced assembly after I use 'AddReferences', the list is empty. Hence, when I try to emit, I get "Object" not defined in the diagnostics. Can anyone point me to the problem?

Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.SyntaxTree syntaxTree = CSharpSyntaxTree.ParseText(@"
public static class Program
    public static void Main()
    string autoreferences = @"mscorlib.dll,System.Core.dll";
    List<string> usings = new List<string>();
    string netAssembliesDirectory = Path.GetDirectoryName(typeof(object).Assembly.Location);
    var refs = new List<string>();
    foreach (string reference in autoreferences.Split(','))
        refs.Add(netAssembliesDirectory + "\\" + reference);

    CSharpCompilation compilation = CSharpCompilation.Create("ConsoleTest")
            new CSharpCompilationOptions(OutputKind.ConsoleApplication).WithUsings("System"))
    compilation.AddReferences(refs.Where(r => r != "").Select(r => MetadataReference.CreateFromFile(r)));
    var er = compilation.Emit(@"C:\" + "ConsoleTest");


SLaks February 2016

Roslyn objects are immutable.

compilation.AddReferences() returns a new compilation instance with those references.
You're ignoring that new instance.

You need to call Emit() on the compilation instance that has your references.

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