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SikRikDaRula February 2016

Update table in access by joining a table from sql server

I am using access and sql server combined. My main tables are housed in sql server, and my temp tables are created in access. I am trying to update a temp table in access by joining a table from sql server. But i keep getting the error, operation must use an updateable query. Here is my query below. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

UPDATE [tmpEditErrCode220 - 2] INNER JOIN dbo_Indicator_0 ON ([tmpEditErrCode220 - 2].cpt_code_allow = dbo_Indicator_0.cpt_code_allow) AND ([tmpEditErrCode220 - 2].cpt_code_omit = dbo_Indicator_0.cpt_code_omit) SET [tmpEditErrCode220 - 2].flag = On
WHERE ((([tmpEditErrCode220 - 2].flag)=Off));


VolleyballAddictSandiego February 2016

Try this

UPDATE dbo_Indicator_0 
[tmpEditErrCode220 - 2] ON ([dbo_Indicator_0].cpt_code_omit = [tmpEditErrCode220 - 2].cpt_code_omit) AND ([dbo_Indicator_0].cpt_code_allow = [tmpEditErrCode220 - 2].cpt_code_allow) 
SET [tmpEditErrCode220 - 2].flag = "On"
WHERE ((([tmpEditErrCode220 - 2].flag)="off"));

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