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Trug February 2016

scale cfdocument with table

I am trying to scale a cfdocument item using the scale attribute but it doesn't seem to use the number passed. The end goal is to get this cfdocument to scale to a single page when exported to pdf.

I tried using the method shown here: scale PDF to single page It just kept looping until the scale value was negative and that threw an error.

I haven't been able to find anything online and am expecting that the scale attribute doesn't work with tables or something like that.

<cfdocument localUrl="no" format="PDF" scale="10" fontembed="false">
        <cfdocumentitem type="header"> 
            <img id="logo" style="display:inline-block;float:left;margin-bottom:5px;" src="/images/logo206x40.jpg">
            <div style="font-size:20px;display:inline-block;float:right;">&nbsp;&nbsp;Rubric: #qryRubric.rubric_name#</div>
            <div style="width:100%;border-bottom:1px solid black;"></div>

        <div id="rubric1">
            <div style="margin-left: 10%;">
                <table class=" table table-hover blue-rubric table-bordered" cellspacing="1">
                            <th style="border-right:1px solid #fff"></th>
                            <th colspan="1000">Achievement Levels</th>

                        <th scope="col" class="rounded-firstcol" style="border-right:1px solid #fff;">Criteria Groups</th>
                        <th scope="col">1</th>
                        <th scope="col">2</th>
                        <th scope="col">3</th>


Javamav February 2016

I haven't used that attribute in quite some time, but if memory serves, I believe that value should be a percentage. For example scale="10%".

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