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ivacf February 2016

Espresso, scrolling not working when NestedScrollView or RecyclerView is in CoordinatorLayout

It looks like CoordinatorLayout breaks the behaviour of Espresso actions such as scrollTo() or RecyclerViewActions.scrollToPosition().

Issue with NestedScrollView

For a layout like this one:





        android:layout_height="wrap_content" >




If I try to scroll to any view inside the NestedScrollView using ViewActions.scrollTo() the first problem I find is that I get a PerformException. This is because this action only supports ScrollView and NestedScrollView doesn't extend it. A workaround for this problem is explained here, basically we can copy the code in scrollTo() and change the constrains to support NestedScrollView. This seems to work if the NestedScrollView is not in a CoordinatorLayout but as soon as you put it inside a the CoordinatorLayout the scrolling action fails.

Issue with RecyclerView

For the same layout, if I replace the NestedScrollView with a RecyclerView there is also problems with the the scrolling.

In this case I'm using RecyclerViewAction.scrollToPosition(position). Un


Turnsole March 2016

This is happening because the Espresso scrollTo() method explicitly checks the layout class and only works for ScrollView & HorizontalScrollView. Internally it's using View.requestRectangleOnScreen(...) so I'd expect it to actually work fine for many layouts.

My workaround for NestedScrollView was to take ScrollToAction and modify that constraint. The modified action worked fine for NestedScrollView with that change.

Changed method in ScrollToAction class:

public Matcher<View> getConstraints() {
    return allOf(withEffectiveVisibility(Visibility.VISIBLE), isDescendantOfA(anyOf(
            isAssignableFrom(ScrollView.class), isAssignableFrom(HorizontalScrollView.class), isAssignableFrom(NestedScrollView.class))));

Convenience method:

public static ViewAction betterScrollTo() {
    return ViewActions.actionWithAssertions(new NestedScrollToAction());

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