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InquisitorJax February 2016

Visual Studio Android Emulator won't connect to localhost

Running VS 2015 + Windows 10.

The android emulator cannot reach localhost on IP, which is the registered virtual switch. It can, however, connect to the net. Windows Mobile 10 emulator can connect just fine to the same localhost IP.

The error is "connection timed out"

Is VS Android Emulator on Win 10 broken?


InquisitorJax February 2016

k - figured it out.

usually IP ( that links to the "Windows Phone Emulator" switch is the one to use, but in this case that wasn't so. If you open the network tab (select the >> button on the emulator), you'll notice there are 2 Desktop Adapters - one is the 169... IP, and in my case the other is The IP managed to connect to localhost (pretty blue IIS screen :)

Edit: why does murphy insist you struggle for hours on a problem, but will only let you figure it out 5 minutes after you post a stack overflow question :P

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