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susa1012 February 2016

RSSI Statistics of Kontakt ibeacons set to Eddystone format

I have Kontakt ibeacons whose profile i have changed to Eddystone format using configuration app from Kontakt.Now,i am using LOCATE application to calibrate the beacons and also to measure RSSI for different distances.Since few factors like RSSI,uptime,Advertising counts are higly unstable and keeps on fluctuating,i would like to know how would i get the statistics of every RSSI(fluctuating) value or how could i plot most of the RSSI samples against different distances,advertising intervals and transmission power?



davidgyoung February 2016

You can use the calibrate function of the Locate app to get a 30 second running average of the RSSI at various distances. The instructions for this screen tell you to take the measurement at 1 meter, but for your purposes you can do it at different distances.

You would certainly want to do your plot vs. different transmitter power levels and distances, but you do not need to do so vs different advertising intervals -- that does not affect RSSI.

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