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Rabinarayan Panigrahi February 2016

functionality of pci_set_dma_mask

I am bit confused for pci_set_dma_mask. So can somebody explain me what exactly happens in below code.

pci_set_dma_mask(dev, DMA_64BIT_MASK)

Regards Rabinarayan


i.net February 2016

AFAIK know, this function returns 0 if the PCI device in parameter can perform the DMA on the supported PCI address. If it returns a non-zero then your device cannot perform DMA and the DMA translation (if used) is unpredictable.

Regardless of my answer, I don't think SO is a place for this kind of question as this is not really a problem that can have an absolutely correct "answer" or "solution"...

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Asked in February 2016
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