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dragon_cat February 2016

Generating ellipsis AND "Read more" link with CSS

[Update] It's different from this question because it's not only asking for text truncation; as i mentioned, i already have text truncation using this approach. Rather it's asking about having "read more" link only when text is truncated (using CSS only if possible).

Currently i'm using this approach to generate ellipsis when text overflows (when it cannot fit into one line). However, now i also want to include a 'Read More' link at the end of the line when overflow occurs and clicking that link will display all the content over multiple lines. Is this doable with CSS only?

btw, i saw this post, which displays "more" link no matter text has overflown or not, which is not what i want.

I guess the last resort would be using javascript with a resize() listener that dynamically hides the overflown portion of the text and creates the link to show them.



KWeiss February 2016

If you're using a CSS class to truncate the text, why not use the same class to hide or show the link?

a.read-more {
display: none;

.truncate a.read-more {
display: block;

If the class is set on all your items regardless of content, you will need to do it with JavaScript, as described in Marcello's comment.

Hatchet February 2016

That's not doable with only CSS.

Here's my rather hacky solution: in JavaScript, remove the .truncate class to get at the un-truncated width, then generate a read more link if the width of the text would cause it to be truncated.

var truncated = document.getElementsByClassName("truncate");

for (var i = 0; i < truncated.length; i++) {
    var t = truncated[i];

    // Remove the truncate class to get at the un-truncated width
    t.style.display = "inline-block";
    // w = un-truncated width
    var w = t.clientWidth;
    // Restore styling
    t.style.display = "";

    // 250 corresponds to the width in the CSS
    if (w >= 250) {
        // Generate read more link
        var readMore = document.createElement("a");
        readMore.href = "#";
        readMore.innerText = "Read More";
        t.parentNode.insertBefore(readMore, t.nextSibling);
.truncate {
    width: 250px;
    white-space: nowrap;
    overflow: hidden;
    text-overflow: ellipsis;
<div class="truncate">Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Qui iusto quos praesentium et cupiditate nostrum, suscipit voluptates sint eos amet vel quisquam, consequuntur hic necessitatibus, quibusdam ex repellat error odio.</div>
<div class="truncate">Hello</div>

Korgrue February 2016

You will need JS for this. You can do something like this in jQuery:

var str = "this is some truncated te..."; //Your string to eval
var n = str.search("..."); //look for the elepsis 
if (n ==="" || n === null){ //if the elepsis is not found in the string
   $(".foo").hide(); //hide your read more link
   $(".foo").show(); //show your read more link

Note: this answers the second part of your question - the first part was answered by another poster.

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