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fortuneRice February 2016

Workflow for adding and editing tables in MS Access with Azure SQL Database Backend

There are a lot of articles and blogs detailing the steps to link/split/migrate an MS Access app so that the back end is hosted on Azure SQL, e.g. this one.

However, all those articles seem to assume that table structure is in a fixed and final state.

But what if I'm just starting out with the development? If I link the back end to Azure SQL at the onset, do I then proceed to create tables in Access or directly on the Azure DB? What's the proper development workflow for keeping the synchronization while adding and editing tables?


Dhruv February 2016

The following blog post details how to connect Access to SQLDB: https://blogs.office.com/2012/08/08/access-2013-and-sql-server/ Let me know if this helps

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