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Federico Giust February 2016

TeamCity using git pull command line build step returns Git error: “Host Key Verification Failed” when connecting to remote repository

I'm trying to setup TeamCity where I work, with a private repo hosted on github.

The project is a web app, so what I'm trying to do is that on every new commit on github that TeamCity checkout the new revision and update the working copy on our development server.

So, not only do the Agent Checkout but use a command line build step to do a git pull.

I've tried previously with https link but was getting Authentication failed or https://github.com is an invalid argument.

Now I've changed the URL to use ssh, but I keep getting

enter image description here

If I change the git URL to use https I keep getting

enter image description here

I've tried setting up the VCS to use ssh key but keep getting the access denied error.


Federico Giust February 2016

It was a permissions issue.

The ssh key was created under my user folder on Windows Server.

I've copied it to the teamcity user and gave it read permissions and worked fine.

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