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kmplflcn February 2016

Android Notification re-appears after being opened

I am posting notifications everytime a new announcement is posted. I fetch announcements from Firebase so I call the notification function on onChildAdded(). I'm receiving notifications for every new announcement. However, if there isn't a new announcement, the latest announcement re-appears every once in a while even after opening it.

Notifications class: public class FirebaseBackgroundService extends Service {

private Firebase f = new Firebase("https://infotrack.firebaseio.com/infotrack/announcements");
Query queryAnnouncements = f.orderByChild("timeStamp").limitToLast(1);
Firebase ref = new Firebase("https://infotrack.firebaseio.com/guests");
Firebase userRef = ref.child("users/"+ref.getAuth().getUid()+"/notifications");

public IBinder onBind(Intent arg0) {
    return null;

public void onCreate() {

            ChildEventListener handler = new ChildEventListener() {

        public void onChildAdded(final DataSnapshot dataSnapshot, String s) {

            final AnnouncementsList announcement = dataSnapshot.getValue(AnnouncementsList.class);
            Log.e("announcements", dataSnapshot.getKey());

            userRef.addValueEventListener(new ValueEventListener() {
                public void onDataChange(final DataSnapshot notifSnapshot) {
                    Log.e("check", notifSnapshot.getValue().toString());
                    if (notifSnapshot != null) {
                    Notifications notif = notifSnapshot.getValue(Notifications.class);
                            buildNotif("Announcement", announcement.getBody(), "New announcement from Infotrack");



Frank van Puffelen February 2016

When the app connects to the server, Firebase will call onChildAdded() for each existing child at the location. So unless you delete the children, the number of onChildAdded() invocations will keep going up.

You have two options:

  • remove the notification from the database after you've shown it to the user

    public void onChildAdded(DataSnapshot snapshot, String previousChildKey) {
        AnnouncementsList announcement = snapshot.getValue(AnnouncementsList.class);
  • mark the notifications that the user has seen and skip those

Most applications go with the first option, since it automatically keeps the queue short.

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