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obando February 2016

How to attach different paths in FROM Uri - Spring XML

Im having trouble trying to attach different paths to a FROM Uri in the Xml configuration file, in java it can be done like this:

String[] uris = new String[]{"file:source/path1","file:source/path2"};
from (uris).to("file:dest/path")

The resulting route will move the files from the source paths to the destination path, how can i achieve this using Spring XML? i have been trying different aproachs and can't find to have any of them working

<route id="bar">
    <from uri= "file:source/path1,file:source/path2" />
    <to uri="file:dest/path"/>



Jérémie B February 2016

You can have multiple from :

<route id="bar">
    <from uri="file:source/path1"/>
    <from uri="file:source/path2"/>
    <to uri="file:dest/path"/>

This create one RouteDefinition, but 2 Route instances

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