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Ignacio February 2016

Programmatically create Venn diagrams at scale?

I would like to create a Venn Diagram like the following: enter image description here

The challenge is to have the circles and intersections with the right proportions. That is:

  • Group 1 should be 15% of the universe, group 2 83%, and group 3 30%.
  • The intersection between G1 G2 and G3 should be 7% of the universe
  • etc

Is there a way of doing this? This is what I have right now:



    draw.triple.venn(area1 = 15, area2 = 83, area3 = 30, n12 = 13, n23 = 28, n13 = 7, 
                     n123 = 7, category = c("Group 1", "Group 2", "Group 3"), lty = "blank", 
                     fill = c("skyblue", "pink1", "mediumorchid"))

enter image description here


MikeJewski February 2016

This works a bit better, not sure if the overlap is completely correct though

venn <- venneuler(c(A=83, B=30, C=15, "A&B"=28, "B&C"=7, "A&C"=13, "A&B&C"=7))

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